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5 Ideas to Bring Personality to Your Bar Cart


Time to give your bar cart a finished feel.

If you are here, it is because you know a Bar Cart is a gorgeous piece of furniture that can give your home an extra appeal. Even when you buy the most charming one, using some of the tips we will share with you right here, will help you to enhance the presence that these objects have in the room. 

Let's do it! 

            1. Dress it up with some pretty flowers or a pretty plant!

              In addition to giving your bar cart an air of life, flowers and plants can also be part of your color palette and allow you to play with contrasts. You can even choose flowers with fragrance, such as jasmine for example, exhaling a rich aroma around your bar cart. 

            2. A bowl of your favorite fruits for cocktails 

              Fruits are lovely! Since ancient times, having a container with fruit in sight has always been a sign of abundance and beauty. In addition to helping with the decoration of your bar cart, it also makes it easy to have fruits that you like to use to prepare your favorite cocktails.

            3. Set a pallet of colors

              Are you the maniac of perfectly handpicked colors? Well, you don't have to be, to play around with this concept and choose a color palette that matches your vibe and personality. The color of the wall where you will position your bar cart can be a helpful starting point to decide what color palette would suit your composition. From there, you can play with objects in and around the bar cart, with the colors of the bottles and the bar utensils. Carpets, paintings and flowers can also be included in the composition.

            4. Frames, frames and more frames...

              The paintings & frames can play a good role in the final look of your bar cart. They allow you to play with a universe of possibilities that will make this corner even more special! You can try on a single large frame that you like, or play with different sizes, styles and colors. Everything will depend on your taste and the style you are giving to your bar cart!

            5. Play with shapes and sizes

              Try different shapes, sizes, and colors of glasses and bottles. Believe me, you can have a lot of fun in this process of searching for the perfect fit for your decor!

We hope you have enjoyed these tips to enhance the beauty of your bar cart. You can change everything according to the season, the holiday, the mood. With the mission to dress up your bar cart, you will never get bored!

Have fun & Cheers.