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Where Did the Tradition of Toasting Come From?

Ready for this...quite interesting story?

One thing that we all know, is that toasting is synonymous with a moment of happiness! The toasts we make are to celebrate the wonderful things that have happened, or we hope will happen, in our lives. No matter where in the world you are, if you raise a glass, you will very likely be corresponded, as it is a custom that we can find in almost all traditions. But, have you ever wondered what lies behind this common custom? What ancient records show is that this custom may have started with the Greeks and Phoenicians who used to raise their cups as a form of offering wine to the gods, and something similar was seen in ancient Rome, which purposely spilled a bit of drink in order to quench the thirst of the gods. But... there is another intriguing and somewhat dark side to this story.  In old times, the toast was used as a way of ending conflicts, since the drink offered by the enemy was taken as proof of confidence that he was not poisoning the drinker, accompanied by the famous “Salú!” (a way of wishing good health). The tradition of hitting the glasses comes from there as well. Since in the old days the glasses were made of metal, they were hit with relative force during the toast so that the drink was spilled from one glass to another, and thus, they were sure that neither would be poisoned by the other. How crazy, isn't it? Luckily, being poisoned is no longer what surrounds this worldwide tradition, but instead, the desire to celebrate life and experiences! Phew! 

Oh, by the way! When traveling around the world, here goes some toast tips:
In Spain, do not toast with water, since it is believed to bring misfortune. In France and Germany, you cannot break eyes contact while toasting for the same reason. In Ukraine and Russia, you will have to drink your wishes. What?!?! Yes. Literally. In these two countries, people write down wishes on a paper, they burn it and add the ashes to their Champaign to send it down in a sure gulp. 

Yes, looks like there is a lot to explore about the worldwide toast tradition! Good luck on that mission and Cheers, Salú, Tin Tin,  Santé..!