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Buying Guide

How do I Choose My Bar Cart?  

The most important thing for us is that you are satisfied with the products you buy in our store. Therefore, we want to help you in the selection process. A Bar Cart is an element that adds a lot of refinement to the environment, and knowing how to choose the right one among so many options is not always an easy task, but we want to share some tips with you to keep in mind when making your decision. Let's go?


1. Think about the interior design style

If you already know in which environment you want to place your Bar Cart, you can use that room's decor style as a guide for your choice. Although many of them would work in almost any environment, having a bar cart that matches your own can add value to your experience. Next, we will share some combinations used for different trends that can open for you a spectrum of ideas and inspirations for the choice of your bar cart.



If your environment has an industrial style, metal is usually a striking feature and is a super functional material for these cases that combines well with this style. The color palette of this project's compositions is usually dark black, copper, gold, and silver. Among some products in our store that could be a suitable match for this particular home style are: the Libation Antique Brass cart, Adina Brass Bar Cart Black or Gold, and Frye 2-Tier Bar Cart. These three items have visuals that do pretty well with this type of decoration, such as black and copper colors, materials with a more rustic and heavy appearance. In addition, their shelves also make plenty of room for whatever you might need to store. 



If your style is sober, that does not mean a lack of colors, but rather that each object is strategically chosen to follow a faint line of decoration. Most often, pastels, whites, and more closed colors like ruby, ocher, and moss green are present in these environments. Among the materials most chosen by experts for these configurations is the glass, since its description generates sobriety and an air of refinement. The Lionel Bar Cart, Revival Bar Cart, Bow tie Bar Cart  are a show of sobriety and refinement. Now, if, although sober, the decoration is a little more daring, you can also throw yourself into others with stronger personalities, such as the Barcraft Bar Car or Irvine Bar Cart.



If your style is kind of much more the retro one, you probably know that this makes possible to enjoy the look of the old in modern pieces produced today. Some may think that because there is a great mix of colors and elements, there is no need to worry about matching. But this is far from the truth. Balance is very important in this style and you need to pay attention to it to harmonize the rooms. Vibrant tones are usually very welcome in this type of environment and ArtSavana has a variety of Bar Carts that can serve very well in these contexts, such as the Mirror Hairping legs Bar Cart, the Taverna Bar Cart and its pretty slim format; the Gold or Black ''Bamboo Looking'' Bar Cart that has a unique delicate presence; and the Irvine Bar Cart that, although it has an air of great elegance and could be very well combined with modern environments, cannot be left out of the recommendations for retro environments for reasons that are visible to the eye.


2. Think about the use you are intending to give your Bar Cart 

 Although, as the name already says, we usually place drinks in this article, that is not a rule. They are gorgeous functional objects that dress up the environment with beauty and elegance. Therefore, even those who do not need a place to store drinks can very well make use of them and benefit from their advantages.



Having in mind what you want to store in your Bar Cart can be very useful when making a decision. For example, some materials may be more resistant and suitable for the different uses that you wish to give them, such as the Dune Bar Cart for outdoor areas, or an Irvine Bar Cart in case you want something to place some items in the center of your living room.

But the idea is that you should not be afraid of using your Bar Cart in a way that your imagination allows! In the end, it is there to serve you. Right? ;)


3. Consider Mobility

Depending on the plans you have for your bar cart, you can get an idea of how mobile you want it to be. If you need one to move around frequently, then you should not use those with heavier materials. The geometry of the Bart Cart also influences its mobility, which is why the round ones are not ideal for constantly moving them along the day. For those who need a lot of mobility, we recommend the lighter, rectangular ones. These include the Aylmer Serving Cart, the Ebba Serving Cart or the Metal Frame Bar cart, among many more that you can find in our store. Keep in mind that those with protection rails are also the better ones for walking around with you Bar Cart offering drinks to your guests!  


4. Consider Space

If you have a very large room, you may not have to worry about this. But, if you have in mind a specific place with less space, pay attention to the dimensions specified in the description of the bar cart you choose. This way, you make sure that it will not take more space than you have available. In ArtSavana we have products of the most diverse sizes, from the robust Wood and Metal Bar Cart to the compact Rolling Glass Bar Cart. 


You are all set! Taking these four tips into account, you will be much closer to picking the Bar Cart that will perfectly match your space, your needs and, last but not least, your taste!


Cheers and enjoy your new and well-deserved acquisition!